Hydranti COBALT 3-Stage UF Filtration System

The COBALT 3-Stage UF Filtration System offers a simple under-sink installation for your home use. Filter your water for drinking with our three filter stages: sediment (to remove particulate), block carbon (to remove chlorine), and the special UF membrane which filters out impurities to the sub-micron level! 

Uniquely designed Quick-Replace filter cartridges allow for easy filter changes that require no tools and don't make a mess! Screw in a new filter by hand in a matter of seconds. No leaking or having to shut off the water!

The COBALT UF system comes with a beautiful chrome faucet for dispensing your new clean filtered drinking water. No tanks, no electricity, no batteries required! The Hydranti 3-Stage UF is an amazingly simple yet sophisticated under-sink drinking water filtration solution.