Hydranti Quick-Replace Filter Cartridges

Hydranti Quick-Replace (QR) cartridges are unique in that they provide a super simple way to change out cartridges without any tools or mess! The specially designed filter top screws into the unit and easily unscrews for removal and disposal when the time comes. What's even better is that unlike other UF models out there, our QR cartridges are made so that when unscrewed from the unit, you don't have to worry about water leaking out! 

Learn more about the different filter types and their functions below.


Sediment Filter

Sediment filters remove particulate from your water. Think sand, grit, solids. This is the first line of defense in cleaner water, and also protecting the filters in the following stages of filtration.


Block Carbon Filter

Block Carbon filters are designed to remove some of the chlorine from your water. This is ideal for city or county water users. The Block Carbon filter also protects your UF membrane and increases its longevity.


UF Membrane

The UF Membrane is where the real magic happens. Ultratfiltration membrane pores are so tiny they filter out things in the water that are smaller than a micron!